“How does having a home evaluation help me sell my home for more?”

Simple answer… it provides you an expert opinion of value of your home

We compare the subject to similar properties that have sold or are for sale, and that have expired and estimates a house value based on the market comparables. This is the normal approach for residential properties.  Similar sales are considered and adjustments for differences are made based on market evidence of factors influencing purchase decisions.

We go that extra step beyond what everyone does… Read on.

Doesn’t everybody do that?  What I want to know is…

How can I increase the value of my home before I place it on the market.

We go that extra step.  We actually visit your home!  We do not rely on some standard calculator.  We actually give you pointers on how to increase the value of the property.  Repainting the walls or kitchen cabinets is a great easy fix to help brighten up the kitchen and the home.  Buyers look for flaws to negotiate a lower sale price. That wobbly stair rail may still support you but what about buyers?  That crack in the ceiling plaster may not be structural, but it leaves buyers wondering what else is not right.  No matter how minor the problem, take your toolbox around and start fixing.  Decluttering a home always helps bring the value of the home up by making the home feel much large than it is opening up hallways and front hall entrances.  But that means different things to different people.  We are certified stagers and designers on top of expert agents.  We can give you the most effective time proven advice.

As a professional Realtors we know the benefits of having a Home Evaluation done on your property.  A home evaluation done by an expert real estate agent is key to selling your home for more money!

What's My Home Worth

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